#Hashed: Recruitment



# Who are we?

Hashed is the largest crypto assets fund, blockchain project accelerator and community builder/educator based out in Seoul, Korea.

The team is comprised of engineers, serial entrepreneurs and blockchain evangelists with the mission of putting Korea as one of the leading players in the blockchain industry. We focus our efforts around impact investments and community engagement to bring leading ideas and research into Korea. And work closely with local founders and enterprises to help local projects reach an international audience.


# Who is Hashed looking for?

We are idealists. People will someday work for decentralized protocols instead of companies and the democratization of the single most valuable asset of our generation, data, is inevitable. This trustless internet has the potential to solve some of our generations’ biggest challenges like universal basic income and the redistribution of wealth.

We’re looking for blockchain enthusiasts, geeks, communicators and trend setters -- passionate about navigating the ever so complicated cross section of engineering, game theory and economics.

Please send your resume and a short, one-paragraph cover letter on what you would like to do at Hashed to recruit@hashed.com

If you feel like you can contribute to our mission but a role isn’t written out here, please reach out to us anyways and tell us about your ideas.

1. Acceleration Team

Acceleration team focuses on discovering high potential blockchain projects and advising projects to be leaders in the global blockchain industry. They are the source of the most accurate and up-to-date information into market dynamics and assist in clearing roadblocks so world class founders can execute on their mission.

The acceleration team members are previous founders, venture capitalists and product people and they get hands-on in building token model architecture, white paper, fund-raising strategy, legal structure planning, coordination and post ICO operations.


2. Research Team

Innovation and breakthroughs in the blockchain industry today is most often lead by projects and entrepreneurs not university research departments and technology journals.

The research team at Hashed works tirelessly to make sense of this paradigm shift. We conduct technical due diligence, theoretical feasibility and business/economical impact for projects in question around major topics: distributed systems, cryptography, crypto economics.


3. Investment Team

Hashed’s investment team exists to bring thought leaders and world class projects in front of the global audience. We also invest to establish Hashed as a leader amongst pure play crypto funds.

Our investment thesis is built around supporting the best founders often focusing on early stage funding.


4. Community Team

It’s a rare opportunity for there to be a new asset class and Korea to be at the eye of the storm. We have an opportunity to educate and bring together the community to keep Korea in the forefront of blockchain innovation.

You’ll be the the center of some of the most high-profile projects in the blockchain industry, shaping the voice of their projects to a global audience. 

5. Executive Assistant

Hashed's Executive Assistant is not your regular EA. You are the arbiter of information and key decisions that will move the organization forward in one of the fastest moving industries ever.


# Who do you get to work with at Hashed?

Hashed was founded by friends who all come from engineering, product and entrepreneurship backgrounds. We’re not a traditional fund, or a trading desk.

Hashed is a startup. We are a small team on a mission to define what it means to be a world class, mission driven team in the blockchain space. We are scruffy, geeky, ambitious and hungry.

# Work Perks

Crypto runs 24/7. And you might already know that 1 month in cryptoland is equivalent to a full calendar year. We work hard and expect a lot from our team, but Hashed is a flat organization.

Expect free food, competitive compensation and flexible working hours. If you need time off, take it. As much as you want. Whatever you need to stay fueled, focused and mission critical.