#Accelerating Projects


Coin Manager

CoinManager is the number one crypto wallet in Korea with the most users. With the cleanest interface and direct API’s into exchanges the team aims to bring visibility and access like never before to both crypto enthusiasts and first timers alike.


Medibloc (MED)

MediBloc is creating a decentralized healthcare information ecosystem on blockchain where medical records can be kept safely and securely transferred by their rightful owners, the patients and not the hospitals. MediBloc targets Asia’s Personal Healthcare Record (PHR) market and has already formed partnerships with prominent hospitals and various digital health businesses.



ICON is building one of the largest decentralized networks in the world; one that is fully compatible with traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and also with all other third party blockchain networks connected to the real world. ICON blends together our understanding of crypto-world and the real world to inspire new connectivity and possibilities.



Pluto is bringing visibility into one of the most centralized information services in the world: the academic journal. Research methods and evaluations have evolved. Pluto is building the foundation that has the potential to change how we understand research publications.


Sentinel Protocol

Sentinel Protocol, operating on blockchain technology by Uppsala, overcomes the disadvantage of decentralization by turning it into an advantage for security. and it harnesses collective cyber security intelligence to protect crypto assets against hackers, scams and fraud.

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Cosmochain is designing a blockchain-based beauty ecosystem that connects beauty industry players that are in need of reliable customer data with customers willing to share their thoughts on cosmetics. Cosmochain envisions a reconstruction of the entire value chain of cosmetics industry.



TTC is a decentralized and token incentivised social networking protocol for the next generation social networks. TTC decentralizes and returns the commercial value to those users that cultivate and grow the value of social networks.



Carry is a system that powers next generation retail experiences. Smart mobile wallets will enable offline crypto payments, while empowering consumers with data ownership and new monetization possibilities. Carry aspires to become the first protocol to sustainably implement the blockchain in daily "brick and mortar" shopping experiences.


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