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We’re unlocking the potential of blockchain technology.

Hashed is a team of blockchain experts and builders based in Seoul and Silicon Valley. We believe that decentralization has the power to transform not only the global economy, but the very fabric of the internet. More about our unique perspective.

simon keynote
Simon Kim

Simon founded Hashed to partner with the next generation of entrepreneurs and founders innovating on blockchain.

Bridging ecosystems in the US and Asia will accelerate mass adoption.

Our portfolio encompasses companies and projects from separate worlds — half our projects are in the US, and the other half are in Asia or elsewhere. Our work brings them together into a unified network with the resources to grow faster. See our portfolio.

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Sebastien Borget

The Sandbox offers a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain.

The most active consumer market is in South Korea, the gateway to Asia.

South Korea is a nation of first adopters. Throughout the internet age, Korean users have been the first to embrace social networks and digital assets. See how we worked with Kakao on mass adoption.

Jason Han
Jason Han

Jason founded Klatyn to launch one of the biggest experiments in mass adoption. Klaytn has the potential to onboard over 50M users worldwide.

Our founders build decentralized apps, games, tools, and infrastructure.

The next web is already here, and we are backing founders at every layer in the stack. See our portfolio.

Loi Luu Profile Pic
Loi Luu

Loi founded Kyber Network to create a new system which allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets.

Blockchain will enable the Protocol Economy.

We are about to see the most significant change since the development of the Internet protocol. And it will be good for humanity. Read more about the protocol economy.