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We’re unlocking the potential of blockchain technology.

Hashed is a team of blockchain experts and builders based in Seoul, Singapore, Bengaluru, and Silicon Valley. We believe that decentralization has the power to transform not only the global economy, but the very fabric of the internet. More about our unique perspective

simon keynote
Simon Kim

Simon founded Hashed to partner with the next generation of entrepreneurs and founders innovating on blockchain.

Investing and Devoting as a Second Team: We Commit as Ecosystem Builders

Hashed is more than just an investor. We offer vast support to our portfolio companies to provide values in essential areas and create an environment where our founders can focus on growth. As a committed partner, we are dedicated to the success of our founders and the expansion of blockchain ecosystem.

Hashed Founders Night 2022
Hashed Founders Night

Hashed hosts and co-hosts numerous pivotal events aimed at fostering organic synergies between our portfolio companies and partners. One such event is the Hashed Founders Night, an annual gathering that brings together our portfolio founders and serves as a platform for them to exchange value and expertise.

Building a borderless ecosystem through out the globe

Hashed has established a global network of founders and investors who bring tremendous value to open, decentralized, and self-governing communities. Discover how we are building a thriving Web3 ecosystem in the global scene.

Korea Blockchain Week

Hashed has been co-hosting Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) since 2018 as a part of our ecosystem growth initiative. The event has grown into one of the most vigorous and largest blockchain event in Asia.

Our founders build decentralized apps, games, tools, and infrastructure.

Our entrepreneurs are identifying and developing new opportunities in the Web3 industry. They are innovating existing business models through blockchain and frontier technologies and making a significant impact across diverse sectors such as finance, gaming, and entertainment. See our portfolio.

Mo & Kendrick
Mo Shaikh & Kendrick Nguyen

Mo is a founder of Aptos, a layer-1 blockchain built with MOVE language that aims to provide a reliable infrastructure for Web3 applications. Kendrick is a co-founder of Republic, an investing platform that curates private investing opportunities across startups, gaming, real estate, and crypto.

Expanding experties to accelerate mass adoption and support Web3 builders

The most insightful opinion leaders run three independent subsidiaries under Hashed to invest in emerging markets (Hashed Emergent), incubate early Web3 startups (UNOPND), and research regulations & policies (Hashed Open Research) to effectively capture opportunities and expand our ecosystems

UNOPND, Hashed Emergent, and Hashed Open Research

With their respective and independent initiatives, UNOPND, Hashed Emergent, and Hashed Open Research are devoted to expand our ecosystem.